Prosthetic Hand User Stories

The story of a cyborg from New Mumbai

Meet Satish Salunkhe, the cyborg. And here is his story:

«My name is Satish Salunkhe, I am from New Mumbai, Maharashtra. Now I am doing my undergraduate at the MGM Institute of Health Science, New Mumbai. Since I am studying in medical college, my professor and director suggest I try a prosthesis. In my case, I have a congenital disability, I have been born without a left hand.

The  story of a cyborg from New Mumbai

I was introduced to Motorica from the prosthetic department of my institute. Since this was my first prosthesis, I thought I should try it since I had never used one. My family and institute were very supportive of this. After getting my prosthesis I used it in my daily activities for at least 8 to 9 hours.

The  story of a cyborg from New Mumbai

After using a prosthesis, I think I was able to handle patients better than before. The prosthetic hand is really very good, but I still believe that Motorica should improve the flexibility of the prosthetic. Thank you!»
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