Materials on prosthetics

The benefits of a bionic arm prosthesis

The bionic arm is a technological device that can be a single grip prosthesis, that is, it performs one type of grip; or it can also be a multi-grip prosthesis, which means that it allows the user to do different types of grip. Both types of bionic arm can be configured through the mobile app.

Motorica has developed three types of bionic arms, available in Russia and internationally, to fit different levels of injury:
  • The INDY bionic prosthetic hand or forearm with one type of grip;
  • The MANIFESTO bionic prosthetic forearm with several types of grip and customizable gestures;
  • The MANIFESTO FINGERS bionic prosthetic hand and fingers.

Prosthetic hand socket

Any bionic arm is attached to the residual limb by means of a socket. Every such socket is custom-made according to the cast made of the wearer's hand. This allows us to take into account all of the specific features of the user's residual limb and make the socket as comfortable as possible, which is vital when using a bionic arm on a daily basis. 

Operating the prosthesis

In order for the user to control their bionic prosthesis, there are two myo-sensors that come into contact with the skin and read the electrical impulses coming from the muscles. The received signal is processed and transmitted to the tiny but high-performance motors. There are two such motors in the single-grip prostheses while there are five in the multi-grip ones, per finger. Once the motors receive the signal the fingers clench, in other words perform a grip, or unclench.

The features of a bionic prosthesis

The new-generation bionic arm prosthesis allows a person to take care of themselves at home, at work, in the store, as well as in various everyday situations. Such independence helps the user to gain or regain confidence in themselves and their abilities, which is important for a happy and productive life. 

The optimized weight of the bionic arm keeps the load on the user’s back balanced. As a result, the risks of spinal curvature and related diseases are mitigated.

All of Motorica’s bionic prostheses also offer a number of technical advantages:

  • Powerful motors;
  • Proportional speed and grip strength ratio of the tensed muscle;
  • Passive hand rotation, which means that its position can be changed;
  • Special finger caps that allow the use of touchscreen phones and tablets;
  • A high-capacity battery, allowing the bionic limb to work for a day without needing a recharge.

Another feature of bionic arm prostheses designed and created in Russia is that you can customize them by, for example, choosing the prosthesis’ color, adding a picture and/or a quote etc., practically any idea is feasible. To design their bionic hand/arm, the user works together with the prosthetist to achieve the best possible result.