Manifesto Hand

Bionic Prosthetic Hand
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Multifunctional bionic hand prosthesis with mobility in each finger.

Configure your hand gestures as you wish and use the standard grips for a variety of objects and actions.
Opening the hand up to 100 mm
Passive hand rotation up to 180°
Up to 14 different grip types
Fingertips suitable for touchscreens
Your hands, your rules
Top-of-the-line accessories
The prosthesis consists of a hand, a residual limb socket with control sensors, a battery, a charger, and electrical cables.

Each finger of the prosthesis has an autonomous drive, which means you can make any gestures you want. There is a thumb-retraction feature. The fingers have flexible phalanges for a more convenient grip.

Custom appearance
Each Manifesto prosthesis is one of a kind, customize your prosthesis with different colors and graphics.
Gadgets even more affordable
Manipulate your desired gadgets with your bionic limb. The fingertips of the prosthesis feature a special material that allows you to interact with touchscreens.
User-defined settings and gestures
Gesture configuration and switching is available via a mobile app powered by Android or iOS prostheses. There are 3 preset gestures.
Pick up a prosthesis for yourself or a child from age 14 with a missing hand and residual forearm
Maximum load on the fingers: up to 15 kg
Ability to lift heavy objects: up to 20 kg
Battery life: from 24 hours
Wrist functions: quick detachment and 180 degree rotation
Materials: stainless steel + aluminum + polyamide
Prosthesis weight: 500 grams (hand)
Finger cap suitable for touchscreens: included in the prosthesis without a cosmetic shell

Download the app to customize your prosthesis. Using the app, you can select the operating mode of the hand, as well as enable additional options that help you simplify everyday life with your bioelectric prosthesis.

Before wearing a prosthesis, be sure to read the recommendations and User's Manual
Any repair or maintenance is performed by a certified center. Independent repair of the prosthesis is not permitted. Preventive maintenance should be performed every 6 months or every 50,000 cycles, whichever comes first.
  • The warranty period lasts for 2 years and starts from the equipment use start date.
  • The warranty provides coverage for any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.
  • The equipment use start date represents the date the prosthesis is handed over to the user.
  • The battery pack and charger are not covered by the warranty.
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